Miley Cyrus - Mother's Daughter (Official Video)

  • Published: 02 July 2019
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    “Mother’s Daughter”

    VERSE 1
    I’m a freak, I’m a freak
    Every day of the week
    I’mma do yeah like I want, ah
    I’mma Nile Crocodile
    A piranha

    Oh my gosh
    She got the power
    Wow, look at her
    She got the power

    Don’t fuck with my freedom
    I came up to get me some
    I’m nasty, I’m evil
    Must be something in the water
    Or that I’m my Mother’s daughter

    Back up
    Back up
    Back up
    Boy, uuu

    VERSE 2
    I’mma witch, I’mma witch
    Swish, swish, I’mma three-point shooter
    I blow thru ya
    Like a hot wind out in the Bayou, yeah

    Oh my god
    She got the power
    Wow, look at her
    She got the power


    My Mama always told me
    That I’d make it
    That I’d make it
    So I made it

    I put back into it, my heart in it
    So I did it
    Yeah I did it


    Don’t fuck with my freedom
    OMG, OMG
    Swish, swish, motherfucker
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Comments • 92 834

  • MileyCyrusVEVO
    MileyCyrusVEVO   3 weeks back


  • Salih Güzel
    Salih Güzel  2 minutes back


    • Loren Markle
      Loren Markle  10 minutes back

      I love this song ❤️

      • Naguib Nathoo
        Naguib Nathoo  10 minutes back

        If this was released in 2017 it would be the soundtrack for Thor Ragnarok

        • Skyeler Cook
          Skyeler Cook  17 minutes back

          I dont like how sexual this music video is. I only like that she includes the woman breastfeeding,the feminine Male and the girl wearing a pad. But I feel that to show women empowerment you dont have to be super sexual, artists like ariana grande have shown women empowerment in a tasteful way, this music video is just really distasteful. Because you can be sensual but not in a disgusting way. I mean I enjoy that she showed a woman breastfeeding I think that's great but I dont enjoy how she OS groping her body. You can be proud of who you are and not show it in a disgusting or provocative way. That's just my opinion.

          • 7 rings
            7 rings  31 minutes back

            I'm pretty sure you can't chew gum with braces- 0:01

            • Victoria vazques
              Victoria vazques  36 minutes back

              This is so FUCKING powerfull!!! Im in tiers...

              • Klebson Silva
                Klebson Silva  37 minutes back

                Quer conceito?
                Então, toma!
                Dona da porra toda...

                • Luan Ramo
                  Luan Ramo  41 minutes back

                  Don't hypnotize by those witch's!!👽
                  They are all with Illuminati!!☠😈
                  God save us! AMIN!☝️🕋
                  And also see Tima Tv videos!

                  • Серёга Marcpolo
                    Серёга Marcpolo  43 minutes back

                    бит охуенный!

                    • David Blues
                      David Blues  49 minutes back

                      I really love the song, genius pop.

                      • Agatha Rodrigues
                        Agatha Rodrigues  50 minutes back

                        Brasil, 2019 alguém ?

                        • Ivana Frank
                          Ivana Frank  53 minutes back

                          I suppose she got tired of being the country bumpkin “who doesn’t smoke weed anymore” that no one paid attention to so she’s back on her wild bullshit so she can get those shock views again 🙄

                          • Jack Leyden
                            Jack Leyden  55 minutes back

                            This is pretty sugar gay

                            • Fidel Films
                              Fidel Films  56 minutes back

                              Pushing the agenda? Who is your handler?

                              • Laura Rodrigues
                                Laura Rodrigues  1 hours back

                                I am Brazilian and here in Brazil violence against women is increasing and this represents me more than I can imagine. I thank you for this fucking awesome piece of music. I love you.

                                • Laura Rodrigues
                                  Laura Rodrigues  1 hours back

                                  My cock, what music, what representation, a work of art that moves the head and the heart of those who listen and watch, congratulations, I as a woman cried with this lyrics and this video.

                                  • Get Mad
                                    Get Mad  1 hours back

                                    They were not prepared for "Wrecking ball" .
                                    They thought they saw everything.
                                    Lets show them another level.

                                    • Juliana Jesus
                                      Juliana Jesus  1 hours back

                                      this song is addictive !!

                                      • happyhana
                                        happyhana  1 hours back

                                        miley, you are seriously an inspiration. this whole song and music video is PURE. ART. i aspire to be as creative and original with my content. i just posted a new vlog up on my channel, it would mean a lot if y'all have a look at it. thanks!

                                        • Lola
                                          Lola  1 hours back

                                          Everyone go check Roadtriptv's ballad cover of this tune it's awesome

                                          • Syahrul Tri Ramdhani
                                            Syahrul Tri Ramdhani  1 hours back

                                            Red latex ? Oops i did it again ?

                                            • Klaudia Becla
                                              Klaudia Becla  2 hours back


                                              • Konopka Eric
                                                Konopka Eric  2 hours back

                                                Can we sit back and appreciate this song for what it is? Greatness and evolution over time. Much love Miley. :) 👍

                                                • л е р а
                                                  л е р а  2 hours back

                                                  Very similar with Tove Lo-Cool Girl.

                                                  • Adriano Celentano
                                                    Adriano Celentano  2 hours back


                                                    • jeff byrne
                                                      jeff byrne  2 hours back

                                                      Director-do you want this to be kid friendly?


                                                      Little kid -oh my go oh my god😮

                                                      • DougVale
                                                        DougVale  2 hours back

                                                        Here after Black Mirror

                                                        • AMERICA FOR AMERICANS
                                                          AMERICA FOR AMERICANS  2 hours back

                                                          White trash

                                                          • Marcia Oliveira
                                                            Marcia Oliveira  2 hours back

                                                            Omg .... No coment

                                                            • vallotus
                                                              vallotus  2 hours back

                                                              Looking damn hot in those red latex. Love the song, love the video. Can't expect anything less from Miley.

                                                              • Eli _
                                                                Eli _  3 hours back

                                                                No puedo parar de escucharla!!! Hacía mucho, mucho tiempo que no me pasaba algo así. Gracias Miley! 💜

                                                                • Kika Cseriova
                                                                  Kika Cseriova  3 hours back

                                                                  Am I the only one, who dislikes, that there is so much sex and perverse things in nowadays music industry? I just can´t understand, how someone can like music videos like this. I remember times, when music videos were actually about music and some story. It wasn´t all about shocking the audience and breaking the limits and lines... Sometimes I don´t wanna live on this planet anymore.
                                                                  Hallelujah for Sia or other good artists, who don´t need to sexualize themselves to be recognized for their music.

                                                                  • Christelle Monreo
                                                                    Christelle Monreo  3 hours back

                                                                    "Virginity is a social construct"

                                                                    Me: What a fucking joke

                                                                    • Jasmine
                                                                      Jasmine  3 hours back

                                                                      IsIsta Lepa Brena :Dta Lepa Brena :D

                                                                      • Ярослав Калуш

                                                                        Класно,мені подобається.З мене лайк і підписка.Привіт з України!:).

                                                                        • Lush X
                                                                          Lush X  3 hours back


                                                                          • Planeta BlockStarPlanet


                                                                          • C.R. E.
                                                                            C.R. E.  3 hours back

                                                                            i bet the making of this video is hilarious when they pull the forklift around through the loading dock with that whale on it. probably have to hose her down for a shower.

                                                                            • Erine
                                                                              Erine  3 hours back

                                                                              Halsey : nightmare is the new feminist anthem
                                                                              Miley : hold my wrecking ball

                                                                              • jake wallis
                                                                                jake wallis  3 hours back

                                                                                message aside, this song is a production masterpiece!

                                                                                • Captain Tightpants
                                                                                  Captain Tightpants  3 hours back

                                                                                  Most garbage, virtue signaling video I've ever seen.

                                                                                  • Hill Hunter
                                                                                    Hill Hunter  3 hours back

                                                                                    So sexy babe

                                                                                    • Marisa D
                                                                                      Marisa D  3 hours back


                                                                                      • Samuel Hellbo
                                                                                        Samuel Hellbo  3 hours back

                                                                                        Which one of you would actually LOVE to see Miley and her sexy mother kissing each other?

                                                                                      • Olga Yarmoluk
                                                                                        Olga Yarmoluk  4 hours back


                                                                                        • Skruff
                                                                                          Skruff  4 hours back

                                                                                          I dont know whats more disgusting. Some of these pictures or Jabba the Hut.

                                                                                          • da ni
                                                                                            da ni  4 hours back

                                                                                            I just like the sound of this song