Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) [Remix]


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  • Lil Nas X
    Lil Nas X   1 months back

    WE HIT 100,000,000 AYEEEE!!! 🐎⚡️🤠

  • Анна Рождественская

    Кто из Likee лайк💗

    • Kayden Sanchez
      Kayden Sanchez  2 minutes back

      I played this song in the comments section they turned into cowboys

      • Altimate
        Altimate  2 minutes back


        • فورت قيمز
          فورت قيمز  4 minutes back

          #القافله مرت من هنا 👆👆

          • maka kavelashvili
            maka kavelashvili  4 minutes back

            Really cool song loved it

            • Ella Playz
              Ella Playz  4 minutes back

              Can nobody tell me nothing

              • Juro Tipura
                Juro Tipura  12 minutes back

                Deam bro that is a very good song

                • WoWo 8238
                  WoWo 8238  18 minutes back

                  Whitch is beter?
                  Old town road = like
                  Shape of you = comment

                  • TS_ FrASom
                    TS_ FrASom  22 minutes back


                    • Agnieszka Sus
                      Agnieszka Sus  23 minutes back

                      1:38 😊

                      • spartan 173
                        spartan 173  25 minutes back

                        Let cops know a horseback shootout should be like.. y'all mean?

                        • JimTYME
                          JimTYME  26 minutes back

                          Best song ATM!!!!

                          • Ell Riordan
                            Ell Riordan  27 minutes back

                            I love horse riding with my friends 🐎🐴🌱🌲🌱🌳

                            • Sophia Malone
                              Sophia Malone  27 minutes back

                              I wach dis a 10000000000

                              • Pauline Parker
                                Pauline Parker  43 minutes back

                                Your the best

                                • Xd ROFTY
                                  Xd ROFTY  44 minutes back

                                  I played the song in the streets
                                  now every pet is a horse
                                  and people are cowboys

                                  • timolebowbow sette
                                    timolebowbow sette  50 minutes back

                                    Tik tok entered the chat : this is my song now

                                    • gülci knt
                                      gülci knt  51 minutes back

                                      • Corina Militaru
                                        Corina Militaru  51 minutes back

                                        2019 cnv???

                                        • Edda Miller
                                          Edda Miller  52 minutes back

                                          Students: talking in class
                                          Teacher:be quite
                                          Students:can't nobody tell me nothing

                                          • este Crafte
                                            este Crafte  58 minutes back

                                            hey take my room do you old taown road baby old taown raod

                                            • Unicorn Girl
                                              Unicorn Girl  59 minutes back

                                              Old town road

                                              • Reense de Leeuw
                                                Reense de Leeuw  60 minutes back

                                                Leuk lied

                                                • Soso soso
                                                  Soso soso  1 hours back

                                                  I played this on my car

                                                  Now it's a tractor

                                                • Mariana Ionescu
                                                  Mariana Ionescu  1 hours back

                                                  Cool song🐎🐎🐎

                                                  • zosia zblewska
                                                    zosia zblewska  1 hours back


                                                    • Kağan
                                                      Kağan  1 hours back

                                                      Türk varmı türk :D

                                                      • Bruk Hooper
                                                        Bruk Hooper  1 hours back


                                                        • Gracy Channel
                                                          Gracy Channel  1 hours back


                                                          • Cynthia Lopes
                                                            Cynthia Lopes  1 hours back

                                                            I love this song 💲🚘💖🖕

                                                            • LeShoWTv
                                                              LeShoWTv  1 hours back


                                                              • Vt Eva
                                                                Vt Eva  1 hours back


                                                                • Kiwi Taywor
                                                                  Kiwi Taywor  1 hours back

                                                                  I turned straight for this song because i'm super gay.Or I was, anyways ;)

                                                                  • Michał Gil
                                                                    Michał Gil  1 hours back


                                                                    • Goldina Trenyik
                                                                      Goldina Trenyik  1 hours back


                                                                      • Tomasz Staniszewski
                                                                        Tomasz Staniszewski  1 hours back

                                                                        Good song

                                                                        • James Maidesil
                                                                          James Maidesil  1 hours back

                                                                          My version: im gonna take thanos to the old town road im gonna SNAP rill the brain no more im gonna take mt horse to the old town road im gonna SNAP till they brain no more i got the vengers in the back attack em in da back u know thanos is wack they been ridin in my QWADLELACK

                                                                          • Agripino Santos
                                                                            Agripino Santos  1 hours back


                                                                            • Jorja/JJ Wade
                                                                              Jorja/JJ Wade  1 hours back

                                                                              Best song Ever Lil Nas My Teacher loves this song she got fired and She's My Aunty She got fired because she Put this song through the whole school speakers And they heard bitch then I got suspended because I put on old town hoe by Cupkkake

                                                                              • Carolin _0517
                                                                                Carolin _0517  1 hours back

                                                                                Sooo cooles Lied 😍❤️

                                                                                • З Она
                                                                                  З Она  1 hours back

                                                                                  Эй есть кто русс

                                                                                  • Даг од
                                                                                    Даг од  2 hours back


                                                                                    • Sheila Stonum
                                                                                      Sheila Stonum  2 hours back

                                                                                      Both of y'all is better

                                                                                      • Si si Licorne
                                                                                        Si si Licorne  2 hours back

                                                                                        Love 😍🥰

                                                                                        • NATNICHA Channel
                                                                                          NATNICHA Channel  2 hours back


                                                                                          • 전세민
                                                                                            전세민  2 hours back

                                                                                            한국인 이노래 듣고있는사람 좋아요

                                                                                            • Ori Bokobza
                                                                                              Ori Bokobza  2 hours back

                                                                                              WE HIT 100 000 000 AYEEEEEE