Japan Airlines A350, Special AIRBUS Liveries [XP11]

  • Published: 05 April 2019
    Japan Airlines is set to begin Airbus A350 operations this September, with the first aircraft nearing completion on the assembly line.

    The airline announced today that it would commenced flights with the new type on 1 September, 2019, between Tokyo Haneda and Fukuoka.

    The flight details are:

    JAL 317 Tokyo Haneda 12:10 – Fukuoka 14:00
    JAL 318 Fukuoka 15:00 – Tokyo Haneda 16:40

    This will eventually be extended to cover other domestic routes from Tokyo Haneda to Sapporo (New Chitose), Okinawa (Naha) and Osaka (Itami).

    It is common when an airline introduces a new type to operate it on shorter sectors to enable crews to familiarise themselves with the aircraft before it begins long-haul flying.

    JAL has introduced a special website for the A350 introduction. You can see it here: jal.co.jp/en/A350

    Special Liveries
    The first three Airbus A350s delivered to Japan Airlines will feature special liveries, red, silver and green.

    Japan Airlines A350, Special AIRBUS Liveries
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  • Jxleuu
    Jxleuu  1 months back

    May I please have a Dropbox or something? This livery looks very nice

  • Squatbalt Gaming
    Squatbalt Gaming  1 months back

    May I ask if this will be on the .ORG store?

    • Squatbalt Gaming
      Squatbalt Gaming  1 months back

      Bull Bosphorus ehh there is but not the special one thanks though

    • Bull Bosphorus
      Bull Bosphorus   1 months back

      No own made livery, but I think you can find a similar livery on internet

    • Squatbalt Gaming
      Squatbalt Gaming  1 months back

      Bull Bosphorus correction sorry the forums but alright I was getting too excited

    • Bull Bosphorus
      Bull Bosphorus   1 months back

      Nope not for share or selling

  • Caderic Yeo
    Caderic Yeo  3 months back

    great stuff! but where did you get the livery for the FFA350 from?

  • DutchPilot1
    DutchPilot1  3 months back

    MAN! Ik kan echt niet wachten tot de a350s voor JAL vliegen :-)

    • Ahmet Hakan Tunçkol
      Ahmet Hakan Tunçkol  3 months back

      Atatürk havalimanı dün gece olan veda uçuşunu duygusal kısa bir video şekilde yaparmısınız uçak boeing 777 olursa süper olur Uçağın pilotu komşumuzdu Burtay lüleciydi burdan onada selam olsun.

      • Zayilucky M
        Zayilucky M  4 months back

        I didn't understand.

        • Bull Bosphorus
          Bull Bosphorus   3 months back

          Air China reported new 3 liveries coming soon for A350

      • Eylem Mersiye
        Eylem Mersiye  4 months back

        Her videoda soruyorum gene soruyorum yolcu kamerasını nasıl yapıyoruz

        • Adem Adar
          Adem Adar  4 months back

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          • Stephen Receveur
            Stephen Receveur  4 months back

            I'm confused what is video about a slowmo take off

            • Online Money Tips
              Online Money Tips  4 months back

              great ....

              • Gamer Hans
                Gamer Hans  4 months back

                Japan Airlines!!

                • Tewetso Kapfo
                  Tewetso Kapfo  4 months back

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                  • Anna Chicoine
                    Anna Chicoine  4 months back

                    Good vid I love watching your vids they are the best

                  • Omari Joseph
                    Omari Joseph  4 months back

                    A350 looking so good..beautiful work my friend..

                    • XYDET Boi
                      XYDET Boi  4 months back

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