Dis Raps for Hire. Season 2 - Ep. 3

  • Published: 19 July 2013
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    "Dear EpicLloyd,

    My name is Jonas, I have these 4 guys in my class (nelson, mark, steven and lucas) who are the worst freaking bullies man. They like to pick on me for being Dislexic.
    They force me to read these ungodly large words that they now i can't say just to mock me and if i don't read them they beat me up or stuff me into lockers. I tried talking to them to make them stop but they ended up breaking my wrist. I tried everything to get them off my back. I just want to feel like at least someone cares. Please destroy


    Hello again People of Earth,

    Welcome to another episode of your favorite fun time show, Dis Raps for Hire. I hadda work extra hard on this particular episode because of the nature of the topic and because of how many folks I think this probably affects. In writing the song I thought it'd be best to just hit the hardest and toughest aspects of the disease straight in the face and use it to challenge the idea that people with dyslexia can't read, or will never be able to read as good as the rest of us. I don't believe that is true. That of course is why, I hit up Zach and had him work his lyrical magic on this badboy.

    I'll be working hard to try and get perhaps one more episode of Dis Raps out before we go back to work on ERB. I'll most likely take a little break from the show at that time to bring you...you know...that other show.

    Anyways, big shout out to Jonas and everyone who helped make this video possible (including all of you).

    We will see you next time!

    Created and performed by EpicLLOYD and I'm on all this shizz:
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    Huge shout out and thank you to my homie Zach Sherwin for helping to make this video awesome (well I think it;s awesome anyways). Please check out more from Zach at:

    Also a big thank you shout out to my most excellent doppelganger Ed Bassmaster, who graciously donated one of the funniest bits on the internet to this video.
    Check out more by Ed here:

    Voice of Jonas: Chris Gorbos. twitter.com/chrisgorbos
    Tweet him the words "chumba wumba" if you enjoyed his performance.

    Shot by Marc Chester and Ryan Moulton
    Lighting by Matt Colbert and the Sun
    Edited by: Marc Chester, Ryan Moulton and EpicLLOYD
    Written by EpicLLOYD & Zach Sherwin

    Beat Produced by Ear 2 Tha Beat:

    Song Produced by EpicLLOYD and Choco
    Mixed by Choco Reynoso for Maker Music
    Music courtesy of incompetech.com and freesounds.org
    Produced by Michelle Maloney for Maker Studios Los Angeles, CA
    Production Coordinator - Atul Singh


    p.s. - Yo! I read hundreds of your comments and requests every week and in doing so, I've noticed that some of you are talking about some real issues that require more action than an angry rap song from me. SO, if you or someone you know HONESTLY is in need of help of a more elevated nature please contact the below agencies.

    Stomp Out Bullying! - 1-877-602-N0-BULLY (1-877-602-8559)
    ChildHelp -- 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) (24/7)
    National Domestic Violence Hotline - 1-800-799-7233 (24/7)
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  • Tom Ryberg
    Tom Ryberg  1 months back

    [...] / it's not / hard to / tell my
    freezin' / ruthless / (heart is) far from / meltin'
    heavin' / pukin' / barfin' / belchin'
    even / and as / far as / squelchin'
    beef these / dudes should / start or / else I'm
    leavin' / bruises / marks and / welts on
    Steven / Lucas / Mark and / Nelson

    got. damn.

    • Louise Haley
      Louise Haley  3 months back

      My favourite rappers ever !

      • Gale Perfecio
        Gale Perfecio  3 months back

        THIS IS SO COOL.

        • MeneerNoot
          MeneerNoot  4 months back

          Zach *shakes head applauding*

          • Parth Nyati
            Parth Nyati  4 months back

            This Video just popped up in my suggestions bar
            and dear Lord I'm thankful for that

            • MLinkous74
              MLinkous74  4 months back


              • DrumRapTech
                DrumRapTech  5 months back

                Zach's wordplay was brilliant

                • Well im not sure what should my name be?

                  Zack Sherwin is like one of my favorite rappers

                  • 1-UP Mushroom
                    1-UP Mushroom  6 months back

                    itd be hella awesome if the kid gets Weezer to also back em up

                    • Peachy gaming
                      Peachy gaming  6 months back

                      Ahh the times when I was bullied welp I'm over it :3

                      • MLinkous74
                        MLinkous74  7 months back


                        • Syaoran Barker
                          Syaoran Barker  9 months back

                          Came back just to hear someone rap the word "perspicacity."

                          • edo2oo0
                            edo2oo0  10 months back

                            Art at its finest. Respect

                            • mike f
                              mike f  11 months back

                              douche bag four pack

                              • WhittyWhitts
                                WhittyWhitts  11 months back

                                Use Comic Sans

                                • KAS GAMING
                                  KAS GAMING  11 months back

                                  Stephen vs Alam poe he was Stephen king

                                  • Anselmo Bruzzone
                                    Anselmo Bruzzone  12 months back

                                    2018! Can´t believe I hadn´t heard this before!!!!

                                    • Ludwig Van Deventer
                                      Ludwig Van Deventer  1 years back

                                      Far better than Lil Pump lmao

                                      • DizzyDreamer92
                                        DizzyDreamer92  1 years back

                                        I just.... I just love Zach Sherwin so much. That man is amazing

                                        • Max Jones
                                          Max Jones  1 years back

                                          This was a fuckin hit the first time and its a fuckin hit now

                                          • OneBigBugga
                                            OneBigBugga  1 years back

                                            Really Lloyd, this is a series that if you can.. should never quit doing. So many people not only enjoy this, but those you choose to respond to and do this for.. it helps them so much, gives them something to keep fighting for. I know you just did the last one of season 2.... dont; stop now please? Please go into Season 3?

                                            • Tom Snyder
                                              Tom Snyder  1 years back

                                              Reach out and I'll do it

                                              • harley Vjj
                                                harley Vjj  1 years back

                                                Watching this makes me understand why it takes awhile to write these
                                                Respect Lloyd👍 keep it fire
                                                Also love Zack😂

                                                • Dynamic Aero
                                                  Dynamic Aero  1 years back

                                                  Dis Raps is the most therapeutic series on YouTube. Thank you Lloyd for bringing this to us.

                                                  • N Miranda
                                                    N Miranda  1 years back

                                                    Zach Sherwin is a fucking meta Emcee!

                                                    • Dat Boi
                                                      Dat Boi  1 years back

                                                      Best one yet

                                                      • Cazza Nova
                                                        Cazza Nova  1 years back

                                                        Dope as FUCK! The beginning of Zach Sherwins verse is absolute fucking art.

                                                        • Julio Cesar
                                                          Julio Cesar  1 years back

                                                          Taking four guys together to beat and bully one. Such macho guys. They are lucky I didnt attend the same school.

                                                          • DJ Black Lightning
                                                            DJ Black Lightning  2 years back

                                                            Dear LLoyd,

                                                            My name is Nathan and I am 13 years old. I make beats and comedy rap on YouTube. But people like a girl named Kaylai w say that I am a freak and that I don't belong. That's when my suicidal thoughts come in and I still have them. Who knows, this might be the last text I will ever make

                                                            • AJ Mohamed
                                                              AJ Mohamed  2 years back

                                                              @lsdreamscape how'd it go after this did they still bully you

                                                            • Indigolo
                                                              Indigolo  2 years back

                                                              Alexander the Great won again

                                                              • the holy brotato
                                                                the holy brotato  2 years back

                                                                Damn. This video made me check out more of zach sherwins music. Pretty gucci

                                                                • Carni V
                                                                  Carni V  2 years back

                                                                  Zach Sherwin is up there with Watsky on his level of lyrical genius. Amazing.

                                                                  • Mewtwo
                                                                    Mewtwo  2 years back

                                                                    Sherwin is a wizard

                                                                    • Raul Enrique Pantojas's Emporium

                                                                      George Lopez have dyslexia and no one makes fun of him.

                                                                      • Shyfoox Fans Fanart Time

                                                                        AAAYYYY ALEXANDER DA FUCKING GREAT!!!

                                                                        BEST TRACK EVER!!

                                                                        • HTK_faze1R
                                                                          HTK_faze1R  2 years back

                                                                          zach fucken shredded this one

                                                                          • Kuumba Creations
                                                                            Kuumba Creations  2 years back

                                                                            just got that weezer reference at the end!!!!

                                                                            • theawkwardnerdydude
                                                                              theawkwardnerdydude  2 years back

                                                                              " I've secured a sherwin" sure win lol

                                                                              • MultiPDude
                                                                                MultiPDude  2 years back

                                                                                the beat is one of the best(including erb)

                                                                                • Liam Carmody
                                                                                  Liam Carmody  2 years back

                                                                                  Zack is the anagram God

                                                                                  • Luxray PokeVids
                                                                                    Luxray PokeVids  2 years back

                                                                                    These kids probably can't read those long words

                                                                                    • Anthony Wayne
                                                                                      Anthony Wayne  2 years back


                                                                                      • Elias Nelson
                                                                                        Elias Nelson  2 years back

                                                                                        Zach and Lloyd with them bars.... Holy. Freaking. Crap.

                                                                                        • Ido Goder
                                                                                          Ido Goder  2 years back

                                                                                          dear lloyd,

                                                                                          my name is ido goder and i have a problem, since iwas in second grade nobody talked to me and everybody was bullying me, i don't have much friends that can help me so im depressed a lot, i really hope you can do something with that...

                                                                                          • Jersey Skepticism
                                                                                            Jersey Skepticism  2 years back

                                                                                            Sherwin for President

                                                                                            • Moegaard
                                                                                              Moegaard  2 years back

                                                                                              I wonder, bullies are most likely, god stupid. So can they even read the words themselves?

                                                                                              • BurningSnoMan
                                                                                                BurningSnoMan  2 years back

                                                                                                I like to type out and put the lyrics out there... idk? So we can sing along or some shit?This one's not gonna follow 100% the words EpicLLOYD put on screen, these will be what I hear along with whats shown.

                                                                                                EpicLLOYD's the Microphonist
                                                                                                Of this stone cold dis dish
                                                                                                Choke holds out like fish bones in your neck,
                                                                                                Light up your coal! Heat up your stove! Heads will roll!
                                                                                                'bout to bake a Nelson, Mark, Steven, and Lucas casserole
                                                                                                These four lame dudes all sing the same tune!
                                                                                                These ain't the worst bullies it's an acapella group!
                                                                                                A quartet of maggots who just ain't worth a talking to!
                                                                                                Unless you're mockingly insulting them like I was brought to do!
                                                                                                Ungodly large words, huh? (psh!)
                                                                                                You're a laugh to me!
                                                                                                You patently lack an accurate perspicacity
                                                                                                See you'll just foment a massive wrath in me
                                                                                                Instigating altercations such as these is of dubious sagacity
                                                                                                I put the DIS in Dislexic
                                                                                                Disregard these Dismal Disrespectful Disappointments
                                                                                                Diseased with dysentery, y'all couldn't amount to shit
                                                                                                SO Disappear you Disemboweled Dicks are Dismissed
                                                                                                And as murderous as this first verse has been
                                                                                                To be certain and assured I've secured a Sherwin!
                                                                                                To toss Jackasses off yo back like BLOW
                                                                                                Ey Yo, Zach! oh Y'all done fucked up now!

                                                                                                It's not hard to tell my freezin' ruthless heart
                                                                                                Is far from melting this behavior makes me sick!
                                                                                                I'm heaving, puking, barfing, belching even
                                                                                                and as far as squelchin' beef these dudes should start or else
                                                                                                I'm leaving bruises, marks, and welts on Steven, Lucas, Mark and Nelson!
                                                                                                What an ironic twist! You jerk-offs broke Jonas' wrist!
                                                                                                And if you think it's humorous when letters get switched and remixed
                                                                                                Then please enjoy this:
                                                                                                Here's what happens when I blast the wrath raps past ten!
                                                                                                I've got rage to vent on all sucker ass men
                                                                                                I'm deadlier than any cobra with poisonous insults
                                                                                                When I spit a diss snake clan venomous results
                                                                                                I'll chop off a ball each if you start beef with Zach
                                                                                                Leave you trolls with uneven sacks!
                                                                                                And, in fact, it was funny as hell to see an MC serve your stankin' anus
                                                                                                LOL, El?

                                                                                                You say epic? He's Dyslexic! crazy phrases he won't get it!
                                                                                                I say bullshit! And I give my man some credit!
                                                                                                Every word he works I will read like a present
                                                                                                An incentive force repentance on this shitty four pack of degenerates
                                                                                                So, bro don't feel hopeless
                                                                                                Show them that you own this
                                                                                                Flip em' the bird no matter how broke your wrist bone is
                                                                                                Turn your back, strut away, Tell 'em about who your known as: SING IT!

                                                                                                Like..."My name is Jonas!"