benny blanco, Tainy, Selena Gomez, J Balvin - I Can't Get Enough (Official Music Video)

  • Published: 12 March 2019
  • "I Can't Get Enough” out now:
    Directed by Jake Schreier

    Executive Producers - Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Alex Fisch
    Line Producer - Rogers Marquess
    DP - Pedro Luque
    Set Design / Construction - Willo Perron / Nu California
    Costume - Day Blackmon
    VFX - Arjail
    Color - The Mill / Michael Rossiter

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  • JustGamingTube
    JustGamingTube  11 minutes back

    All these beging for likes are GAY

    • *さやや
      *さやや  57 minutes back


      • Brayan Melido Mejia Perez

        Cagaste tú música con esa Kaká de Jbalvin

        • Pummelluft's Welt Pokemon


          • SOUR LIMON!
            SOUR LIMON!  1 hours back

            👍👍👍👍👍👍songs fire

            • Pummelluft's Welt Pokemon

              Ly selena Gomez

              • Mr Classical
                Mr Classical  1 hours back

                They need a “X” rated version Of this with Bad Bunny and J Alverez , it would lit! Fuck the bear, give us Fat Ass and Big Tits in the club!!!! 😉👍🏽😊😝

                • Niraj Chaudary
                  Niraj Chaudary  2 hours back

                  Love this song

                  • mushymina
                    mushymina  2 hours back

                    This looks so comfortable.

                    • jonathan ‘
                      jonathan ‘  3 hours back

                      What was the utility of Tainy is the videoclip?

                      • Violet Chikalkar
                        Violet Chikalkar  3 hours back

                        Selena:I can't get enough
                        Justin:irony care

                        • Khemraj Official
                          Khemraj Official  5 hours back

                          Love ur voiceee selena

                          • Irene Lala
                            Irene Lala  5 hours back

                            Selena: "aBOrTioN iSn'T MuRDeR" 😑

                            • Marina Yanthan
                              Marina Yanthan  5 hours back

                              How flies and germs be on our bed.

                              • SEAŁ SQUAĐ
                                SEAŁ SQUAĐ  5 hours back


                                • SEAŁ SQUAĐ
                                  SEAŁ SQUAĐ  5 hours back

                                  nice voice

                                  • Isabell Dudley
                                    Isabell Dudley  8 hours back

                                    wows that panda dude???

                                    • Adrian Brstilo
                                      Adrian Brstilo  9 hours back

                                      I know you already know this but i need something to control me and you are it

                                      • Calla Lilly
                                        Calla Lilly  9 hours back

                                        have fun when the bed bugs come to bite!

                                        • Trinity Gnav
                                          Trinity Gnav  9 hours back

                                          Anyone else thinking how heavy those pillows were?

                                          • Adrian Brstilo
                                            Adrian Brstilo  9 hours back


                                            • Isaac Guillermo Gonzalez Villeda

                                              Benny Blanco Te Saludo Desde Costa Rica

                                              • mohamed bin rahid khan khaled bin salman

                                                The only part I love in this song is "'.

                                                • Daniella slays
                                                  Daniella slays  11 hours back

                                                  8-12K sales ): flop

                                                  • Zuri Chavarin
                                                    Zuri Chavarin  12 hours back

                                                    I love how benny blanco dances🐻

                                                    • Richard Jackson
                                                      Richard Jackson  13 hours back

                                                      Richard Jackson hi

                                                      • Bebeknaz Gaming
                                                        Bebeknaz Gaming  13 hours back

                                                        Who always thinks Selena is frickin gorgeous 😍 👍
                                                        Yes: Like
                                                        No: Comment

                                                        • MultFandon MultAmor
                                                          MultFandon MultAmor  13 hours back

                                                          Resumo do role:
                                                          Selena leva os amiguinhos pra a cama do fautão

                                                          • Sthefani Ginez
                                                            Sthefani Ginez  13 hours back

                                                            Saludos desde venezuela mi hijo esta enamorado de Selena gomez

                                                            • Ali Bqnine
                                                              Ali Bqnine  13 hours back

                                                              We love you so much selena

                                                              • Sinem beren
                                                                Sinem beren  13 hours back

                                                                Türkler sayımızı belirleyelim!?!!🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

                                                                • Melanie nicole
                                                                  Melanie nicole  14 hours back

                                                                  Im peruvian 🇵🇪
                                                                  where are you from?

                                                                  • Amadea Everman
                                                                    Amadea Everman  14 hours back

                                                                    Selena is so beautiful. shes herself and is so beautiful being herself

                                                                    like if you think so too!💕

                                                                    • ----- RoBiN -----
                                                                      ----- RoBiN -----  15 hours back

                                                                      This is the first Selena Gomez song I love... Just awesome <3

                                                                      • Ania Thompson
                                                                        Ania Thompson  15 hours back

                                                                        Mom: how much sleep do you need?!?
                                                                        Me: I cant get enough

                                                                        • Maria Isabel Rufino Lazo
                                                                          Maria Isabel Rufino Lazo  15 hours back


                                                                          • Erika Saltos
                                                                            Erika Saltos  15 hours back


                                                                            • Rosy Road
                                                                              Rosy Road  16 hours back

                                                                              No one:
                                                                              Director: GIANT TEDDY BEAR!!!

                                                                              • Ivette TG
                                                                                Ivette TG  16 hours back

                                                                                This was the most comfortable song ever :) 🤣 JE JE

                                                                                • kathy hernandez
                                                                                  kathy hernandez  16 hours back


                                                                                  • Jake Burton
                                                                                    Jake Burton  16 hours back

                                                                                    Hi selena gomez

                                                                                    • Trending d raxz timez
                                                                                      Trending d raxz timez  16 hours back

                                                                                      Subscribe my channel trending d raxz timez

                                                                                      • Markus E
                                                                                        Markus E  17 hours back

                                                                                        Up the chains for Iron Maiden!!! I mean for Selena!

                                                                                        • Pedro Petera
                                                                                          Pedro Petera  17 hours back


                                                                                          • Harshal Navghare
                                                                                            Harshal Navghare  18 hours back

                                                                                            Selenator to eternity! ❤️

                                                                                            • Sofia Carson
                                                                                              Sofia Carson  18 hours back

                                                                                              What it’s the *_Summer Song_* ? 🎶 😍🎤
                                                                                              *Ariana Grande:* 7Rings 💍
                                                                                              *Selena Gomez:* I can’t get enough 👌💖
                                                                                              *Taylor Swift:* Me! 🙆🏽‍♀️✨

                                                                                              • Uastupidhoe
                                                                                                Uastupidhoe  18 hours back

                                                                                                Filmed In one take, this is pretty awesome 😎

                                                                                                • candy love
                                                                                                  candy love  19 hours back

                                                                                                  Omg I WANNA FREAKING JUMP ON THAT BED.......

                                                                                                  i cant be the only one.......😂😂