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  • Ghost
    Ghost  3 years back

    Dont do that.

    • Chip Corley
      Chip Corley  5 years back

      Southwest is still uncomfortable haha

      • Cave Johnson
        Cave Johnson  2 years back

        Chip Corley hey at least they don't do Chinese takeout like united

    • Heun Michael
      Heun Michael  6 years back

      very cool :-)

      • jusjus1201
        jusjus1201  6 years back

        how can i hire him for a b day party

        • Forrest Colby
          Forrest Colby  6 years back

          Lyrics:This is flight 372 on SWA. The flight attendance on board serving you today. Teresa's in the middle. David in the back. My name is David and I'm here to tell you that. Shortly after take-off first things first theres soft drinks & coffee to quench your thirst. But if you want another kind of drink than just holla. Alcohol and beverages be 4 dollars. If a monster energy drink is your plan that'll be 3 dollars and you get the whole can we won't take your cash. You gotta pay with plastic. If

          • Leanne Strong
            Leanne Strong  7 years back

            If Southwest ever does a safety vid, they should have this guy as the lead!

            • UAL917
              UAL917  7 years back


              • UAL917
                UAL917  7 years back


                • Garrett Smith
                  Garrett Smith  7 years back

                  2:16 that guy should be more famous than the flight attended.

                  • UAL917
                    UAL917  7 years back

                    im typing with android swa

                    • Cave Johnson
                      Cave Johnson  2 years back

                      UAL917 I'm using a galaxy s6 hello past it's 2017 Donald Trump is president

                  • UAL917
                    UAL917  7 years back

                    haha swam

                    • moses1202
                      moses1202  7 years back

                      18 people were annoyed

                      • 7avi_
                        7avi_  7 years back

                        Lol this is awesome!

                        • Seedless0227
                          Seedless0227  7 years back

                          Lol @ 2:14 west side represent

                          • km6xu
                            km6xu  7 years back

                            Whodini reincarnated. :-)

                            • Joncard15
                              Joncard15  7 years back

                              OKLAHOMA CITY!!!

                              • Sandi Shafer
                                Sandi Shafer  7 years back

                                LOL at the black guy at 1:30 thats just like...

                                • amber loggins
                                  amber loggins  7 years back

                                  not a cig its a freakin pen !

                                  • Michael Borgers
                                    Michael Borgers  7 years back

                                    Is his evan faa aproved com and work or lufthansa

                                    • 7jesuskitty7
                                      7jesuskitty7  7 years back


                                      • BoxWithADot
                                        BoxWithADot  7 years back

                                        No lie, I've flown with this flight attendant before from Austin to Lubbock and he did the rap!! This is why I always fly Southwest.

                                      • Spring794
                                        Spring794  7 years back

                                        this is the best!

                                        • thelastKoraido
                                          thelastKoraido  7 years back

                                          like a boss

                                          • nuts
                                            nuts  7 years back


                                            • Chase C.
                                              Chase C.  7 years back

                                              I don't like SWA. BUT I LOVE THIS MAN!!! Dude, go into singing. BTW, I fly continental (united) and their service = beast
                                              David = beaster

                                              • Benji Valencia
                                                Benji Valencia  8 years back

                                                Wish every airline was like this...

                                                • ThisIsStupidist
                                                  ThisIsStupidist  8 years back

                                                  they are all like, "ya this is some rap i can enjoy"

                                                  • Cormac Jones
                                                    Cormac Jones  8 years back

                                                    Lol that was so cool

                                                    • nuts
                                                      nuts  8 years back

                                                      Now this a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside- Wait..

                                                      • Dawna Mensah
                                                        Dawna Mensah  8 years back

                                                        Cool! Dude in the front row DOES look like he's rockin' a big cigarette!!! LMAO @ralkiboy

                                                      • Henry Phung
                                                        Henry Phung  8 years back

                                                        @kickassclarke pen*

                                                        • Angus Fraser
                                                          Angus Fraser  8 years back

                                                          Did anyone else notice the guy upfront with a cigarette in his mouth?

                                                          • Jack Miles
                                                            Jack Miles  8 years back

                                                            If only united and American would hire eminem or B.o.B.

                                                            • Herbin' Avenger
                                                              Herbin' Avenger  8 years back

                                                              That was great... well done. If ya can get white senior citizens to smile like that at a rap song you're crossing barriers.

                                                              • Codiak Johnson
                                                                Codiak Johnson  8 years back

                                                                That was good

                                                                • Jamie Wilson
                                                                  Jamie Wilson  8 years back


                                                                  • Raik Sen
                                                                    Raik Sen  8 years back

                                                                    Now this is the story all about how
                                                                    my life got flipped, turned upside down
                                                                    and I'd like to take a minute just stand right there
                                                                    I'll tell you how I became the prince of swest-air

                                                                    • Kawanis Renee
                                                                      Kawanis Renee  8 years back

                                                                      Never gets old.

                                                                      • snowiswow
                                                                        snowiswow  8 years back


                                                                        • if you don't agree with me you're a casual

                                                                          Nice rap should be a pro rapper

                                                                          • Supytalp
                                                                            Supytalp  8 years back

                                                                            I've been flying South West Airlines since I was 4. I love SWA! I've never lost my baggage, and my flight has been delayed ONCE.

                                                                            • Dan Berkiel
                                                                              Dan Berkiel  8 years back

                                                                              guy at 1:37 looks like the anchor on sportscenter..

                                                                              • magicseaweed
                                                                                magicseaweed  8 years back

                                                                                the U S of A

                                                                                • spunkysis97
                                                                                  spunkysis97  8 years back


                                                                                  • Julio Ferrer
                                                                                    Julio Ferrer  8 years back

                                                                                    Hahah i memorized this whole thing and told it to some of my classmates! Tahahaha they thought i was freestyling the whole time #priceless

                                                                                    • Darrell Brown
                                                                                      Darrell Brown  8 years back

                                                                                      Watched this video today at a training conference, weirdly it had nothing to do with being a flight attendent. i work for the mental health trust :-S

                                                                                      • interstategar
                                                                                        interstategar  8 years back

                                                                                        bags fly free

                                                                                        • Baga Inferno
                                                                                          Baga Inferno  8 years back